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Wartosciowa rzecz, (a valuable thing)

M.S. , Poland.

Hi, thank you for interesting materials, i must say the materials look great.

T.J., Czech Republic

Link to Polish team :

J.S. , Poland

Thank you very much ❤

E.B. , Bosnia

....First of all, it has been quite easily for our students to adapt the use of the ball to all kind of exercises.It allows students a handling ball improvement.The proposal that includes displacements and movements in a big amount of exercises, improves the athlete physical condition. From a methodological perspective, the exercises are grouped into “analytical” and “game situations”, being excellent success criteria to develop the use of applied strategies in true situations. I can conclude, that this material has been quite valuable to improve my training session quality and moreover, it has allowed me to increase the exercises batteries.

G.L., Chile (coach FIVB level I)

Thanx 4 the sessions. Interesting !


...Again, thanks for a wonderful product. Keep them coming (and letting me know when they are published!).

G.K. , Canada